I Became a Verb - Update 2

A proof of concept is progressing, but the vision is shifting a little bit. The three topics pursued in this love letter are gradually becoming more skewed. These three topics are:

  1. My life

  2. Book analysis

  3. World impact

The film is definitely going to be both an analytical essay, and a personal essay. I’d like an analytical video essay, because I feel like it would come closer to doing the book justice, and I also want to inject a layer of my personality, and admiration for the book.

I’m probably going to reduce some of the motion graphic work. The visual style is difficult to pin down. Right now I’m using just Final Cut Pro X to do everything, as I am familiar with that system, but I’m going to work on my After Effects skills to make an animation style that I really feel would be more accurate to my vision.

I want a bit of talking head style elements to it to make it more personal, and some news clips to punctuate the relevance of the book in today’s society. This will add a layer of analog to the digital animation, which I enjoy, which I feel like it would fit right in with today’s filmic vlogging landscape. The talking head view would provide a more intimate moment with my thoughts.

I will make this film roughly 15-20 minutes, and add more to the concept than just an analysis of quotes and design.