I Became a Verb - Update 3

It’s week 4. I’m slowly but surely learning the ropes of motion graphics and After Effects! I still haven’t created a full proof of concept, so I’m running a bit behind on that front due to my computer crapping out, and waiting for my new one to arrive (calling in the graduation gift a bit early). The midterm is rapidly approaching, so I’m stressing a little bit, but plowing through it. We’ll see how it goes!

I did a mockup in Final Cut before I tried AE, so here’s that:

I’m also working on scripting. Just generally lagging in the process, but the pressure is often good for me.

Also, at the professor of the Capstone class’s request, the field I would like to go into is marketing and the creative side of business. I think I’d like to avoid much of the pretense that comes with a lot of the capital A Art world. I prefer the strategic thinking that comes with marketing.