I Became a Verb - Update 1

For my Capstone project, I will make a video essay/narrative love letter to my favorite book ever published.

I Seem to be a Verb by Buckminster Fuller

Verb 3.jpg

It will feature motion graphics in the visual design language of the book, similar to the movement style of the video below.

A spread from the book.


This is the book that has influenced me more than any piece of media I have ever absorbed.

I was in freshman year of high school back home in New Orleans when I was given a book for my 14th birthday by my mom’s extremely eccentric friend. The book she gave me was titled I Seem to be a Verb. This paperback introduced me to the bizarre, beautiful, absurd, and incredibly relevant mind of Richard Buckminster Fuller.

I grew up with ADHD and a sloth-like reading pace. Therefore, naturally, I wasn’t the most voracious reader. Though, with all of its rapid-fire philosophical concepts and its insanely outside of the box design, the book felt like it was designed just for me.

Skills I will need:

  • Motion graphics skills beyond my surface level knowledge

  • Voiceover technique

  • Clearer storyboarding

Resources required:

I have the materials needed to do this project (microphones, camera, software, computer, and the book is being shipped to me).


  1. Final video

  2. Proof of concept for BFI and publisher

10 Week Schedule:

  1. Proposal and concept

  2. Rough proof of concept for Publisher and BFI, and request for usage of material

  3. Voiceover/script draft complete and working on visuals/animation

  4. Animating

  5. Mostly complete rough product

  6. Polishing on motion graphics

  7. Polishing on motion graphics

  8. Public test screening at Roostercat Too (Coffee shop), take critiques and polish up.

  9. Figure out presentation format

  10. Final project