I Became a Verb - Update 4

Currently I’m in the process of deciding whether to use After Effects or if my time would be better spent in Final Cut, using an interface that I am already familiar with. I think that Final Cut produces a good quality video, and would be easier to integrate actual video clips and B-roll in it. So I’m officially deciding to use FCP. The project would be far more efficient in that case, and I think the final product would be a lot more polished.

But progress is progressing. I’m still writing the script due to an impromptu structural pivot. So it’s coming along. My structure that I am contemplating going with is:

Outline and script writing.

Outline and script writing.

  1. Intro to the book, and how it influenced me.

  2. A few select quotes will be viewed through my lens (by no means an academic analysis, but just my thoughts. This is art after all! What is art, other than perspective?)

  3. How the book’s selection of concepts are relevant and have impacted the contemporary and future world.

So it is going well!