Scam #1 (Irene)

I received this email in my spam folder a few days ago.

I wish to notify you about my business deal in your Favour from Camp Stanley, Stationed in Uijeongbu, South Korea promoting peace around the Korean Peninsula. Thank you for your time and God bless America

I was intrigued. So I replied.

Dear Irene. I deeply respect your request, and I am honored to accept it. Go on.

There was no response yet. But being the young entrepreneur that I am, and seeing a potential source of capital, I naturally decided that I should go in for the pitch.

In FACT, I have a proposal for you. I am in the investment stages at this point, but am looking for venture capitalists to join me in my endeavors to create the first cordless vacuum cleaner. If you are interested, please respond ASAP.
Prototype design 01.

Prototype design 01.

Still no response.

It's an early prototype design, but the sketch gets the point across I think.